Wire Snap Rings

Wire Snap Rings For Internal
& External Applications

Arcon Ring offers the most popular snap ring varieties, including internal snap rings & external snap rings, which are all in-stock and ready for shipment. Many of these are available in stainless steel, Beryllium copper, bronze or carbon spring steel. However, we do offer other material options if you require a customized wire snap ring.

If there is a particular kind of wire snap ring you are looking for and do not see it listed below, you can get a FREE QUOTE on a custom snap ring regardless of the material, dimensions, load capacity, etc. We can manufacture in short run or high volume production with surprisingly fast turnaround times.
We offer square, rectangle & round rings, which can serve as an internal snap ring or external snap ring depending on the gap configuration.

There are a variety of applications that wire snap rings are essential for and we see certain industries with those wire snap rings.  See the list of specific wire snap rings that are seen for common uses:

  • Transmission Wire Snap Rings
  • Gear Box Wire Snap Rings
  • Medical Wire Snap Rings
  • Medical Wire Rings

Wire snap rings are most commonly used for shafts, bores and bearing retention. If your application requires strong centrifugal forces or extreme rotational speeds, check out our circlip selection.

Check out our wire ring varieties below or contact Arcon Ring for assistance in selecting the right wire ring for your application.

Round Wire Snap Rings

Round Wire Open & Closed Gap Rings

Round wire open or closed gap specifications

Bearing Retention

Bearing retention specifications

Round Wire Snap Rings

Round wire ring specifications

Plain Wire Snap Rings

Plain wire ring specifications

Square Snap Rings

Square Wire Open & Closed Gap

Square wire open or closed specifications

Rectangle Snap Rings

Rectangle Wire Snap Rings

Rectangle section wire snap ring specifications