Stamped Retaining Rings

Stamped Retaining Rings

Arcon Ring’s standard stamped retaining rings are made here in the USA.  We are a stamped retaining ring supplier of Rotor Clip & the former Waldes Truarc Company.

Hence the “stamped” designation, our standard retaining rings are stamped when manufactured.  Stampings are available for internal retaining rings, external retaining rings, beveled retaining rings, e-rings and c-rings. These stamped retaining rings can be used in a variety of applications such as electric vehicle motors. These include electric vehicle motor retaining rings, EV snap retaining rings and Hybrid motor retaining rings. 

Stamped Retaining Rings can be manufactured in stainless steel, steel, copper & zinc-plated varieties. They are used in bores, shafts for bearings, axles, cylinders, gearboxes and more.  The possibilities are endless.

Click on a retaining ring below for specifications, PDFs and size charts.

If you do not find product specifications that meet your exact needs, you can custom-design your own stamped retaining ring right from our website!

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Internal Retaining Rings

Standard Internal Retaining Rings

Standard Internal Retaining Ring Specifications

Internal Beveled Retaining Rings

Internal Beveled Retaining Rings Specifications

Balanced Lug Internal Retaining Rings

Balanced Lug Internal Retaining Ring

Bowed Internal Retaining Rings

Bowed Internal Retaining Rings Specifications

"Push-On" Internal Retaining Rings

Push-On Internal Retaining Ring Specifications

External Retaining Rings

Standard External Retaining Rings

External Retaining Ring Specifications

Push-On External Retaining Rings

Push On External Retaining Ring Specifications

External Grip Rings

External Grip Ring Specifications

Bowed External Retaining Rings

Bowed External Retaining Ring Specifications

Push-On Heavy-Duty External Retaining Rings

Push-On Heavy Duty External Retaining Ring Specifications

Heavy Duty External Retaining Rings

Heavy Duty External Retaining Ring Specifications

E-Ring Retaining Rings

Standard E Rings

Standard E Ring Specifications

Reinforced E Rings

Reinforced E Ring Specifications


Standard C Rings

Standard C Ring Specifications


Klipring External

Klipring External Specifications

Crimp Rings

Standard Crimp Rings

Standard Crimp Ring Specifications