Retaining Ring Failure

Retaining Ring Failure Causes & Prevention Techniques

Retaining ring failure can cause major issues if not detected and addressed right away. The two most common sources of retaining ring failure tends to occur in generators and vehicles.

Below, we’ve have advised on the reasons for failure in each application.

Retaining Ring Failure in Generators

Retaining ring failure in generators is often an issue since generators are subject to high exposure to tangential and axial force. This level of pressure, combined with exposure to water or moist environments can cause other retaining rings to develop corrosion cracks. Eventually, these cracks can spread across the tolerance threshold of the fastener. The force generated from the spreading crack can cause the retaining ring to break apart.

Retaining Ring Failure in Vehicles

Retaining ring failure in vehicles is usually caused by throttle load fluctuations. If the snap ring moves or detaches from its grove it can bend under the pressure, causing the ring to break.

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