Metric Circlips

Metric Circlips For High
Rotational Speed Applications

Metric Snap Rings are often called Circlips; they work in the same applications as standard snap rings. Metric Circlips are the ideal rings to use when working on projects with strong centrifugal forces. Circlips are also great against rotational speeds to the highest extreme. Most circlips are made with carbon spring steel and other similar metals. The D1400 series is also available in Beryllium Copper.

Circlips Sizes

Circlips and retaining rings come in many different shapes and sizes, offering a wide level of flexibility for varying applications. Small circlips are most common and the majority of circlips are less than 50mm (or 2 inches) in diameter. However, it is possible to get large circlips which can go up to 400 or even 500mm in diameter.

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Metric Circlips

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