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Inventory Facts

  • Proudly a stocking distributor of Rotor Clip full line of product for over 40 years
  • Smalley retaining rings
  • Wire snap rings
  • Stocking all types of rings for all industries

Facility Facts

  • 10,000 square feet; built 1988
  • Technical, engineering, sales, and distribution
  • Serving all industries since 1976
  • M-F 8am-5PM CST

Product Offerings

Proudly stocking and distributing full line of Rotor Clip, and Smalley retaining rings

Internal retaining rings

Standard Internal Retaining Rings

Standard Internal Retaining Ring Specifications

Beveled Internal Retaining Rings

Beveled Internal Retaining Rings Specifications

Balanced Lug Internal Retaining Rings

Balanced Lug Internal Retaining Ring

Bowed Internal Retaining Rings

Bowed Internal Retaining Rings Specifications

"Push-On" Internal Retaining Rings

Push-On Internal Retaining Ring Specifications

External retaining rings

Standard External Retaining Rings

External Retaining Ring Specifications

Push-On External Retaining Rings

Push On External Retaining Ring Specifications

External Grip Ring

External Grip Ring Specifications

Bowed External Retaining Rings

Bowed External Retaining Ring Specifications

Push-On Heavy Duty External Retaining Rings

Push-On Heavy Duty External Retaining Ring Specifications

External Heavy Duty Retaining Rings

External Heavy Duty Retaining Ring Specifications

E-ring retaining rings

Standard E-Rings

Standard E-Ring Specifications

Reinforced E-Ring

Reinforced E-Ring Specifications


Standard C-Rings

Standard C-Ring Specifications


Klipring External

Klipring External Specifications

Crimp ring

Standard Crimp Rings

Standard Crimp Ring Specifications

Metric circlips

Metric E-Ring (D1500)

Metric E-Ring Specifications

Ext. Metric Circlip (D1400) DIN 471

Metric External Specifications

Int. Metric Circlip (D1300) DIN 472

Metric Internal Specifications

For More Information Please Call Our Sales Office at: 630.682.5252